We believe that children learn through playing and this is the best way for them to develop their physical, social, emotional, cognitive and intellectual skills. At Growing Minds Childcare Centre, children will have plenty of opportunities to explore the open ended playing material to satisfy their curiosities and express their ideas and creativity.

We recognize that children develop at their own pace and at different stages from one another. Because of this, our program is flexible and adaptable to meet their needs. A balance of indoor and outdoor activities will be provided and encourage children to participate in order for them to develop their holistic growth.

We strive to provide your child with a "home away from home" experience, while maintaining a safe and learning environment™

Full time space available

18 months-5 years old

Starting from Sep, 2020

Growing Minds Childcare Centre

It is our aim to provide a safe, loving, caring and stimulating environment that promotes each child's learning ability, self esteem , self confidence and individuality while having lots of fun during the day!

Children will explore music, movements, dramatic play, stories, arts, sign language and many more adventures with us.

We seek to develop a mutual trust with families and  respect their child rearing values. Families are encouraged to share their culture customs, language and home experiences in the centre. We emphasize with our partnerships with families and the greater community.